Welcome to 20/40 Women’s Exchange!

20/40 Women’s Exchange is a platform where women can connect; exchange their thoughts and experiences in the hope of encouraging and inspiring others to achieve their goals, happiness and fulfil their purpose.

I’m thrilled that you are here, believe it or not, we are very much alike.  We’re both trying to make a living doing what we love, enduring what we like to achieve the ultimate or simply taking it one step at a time on this journey of life. I do hope that even one of my posts will impact you positively and empower you to be bold, successful, and strive for greatness. This, however, is an exchange, so I’d love to hear from you as well. I too would like to be inspired and learn something new.

What you’ll find here:

  MUST READS                                                        INSPIRING WOMEN  

A compilation of my thoughts, experiences, and reviews on every aspect of life. Check out my blog posts #mustreads

A special feature where we will share the stories of inspirational women you should know. #celebrateher


DOLLARS & SENSE                                                      GIRL POWER PLAYLIST     

A guide and segment dedicated to aiding fiscal responsibility on one’s journey to achieving wealth #herwealth

My monthly feature of the top songs I played to build my confidence and drive to get things done! #empowerherplaylist