My Past is not my prison!

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An adage used by a friend of mine, embodying simplicity but denoting so much truth, continues to be my daily mantra.

Too many times, we let our past bad decisions, regrets and failures influence our now. You want to be happy but still, your mind is filled with things that happened years ago – the love you lost, the hurt you endured, the betrayal of friends or simply the “what ifs”. You are so consumed with the past; your mind is NOT free to explore opportunities that are currently being presented.  Why keep looking in the rear-view mirror when the windshield provides a wider and clearer view!

As we grow, we must look beyond the drama-filled years and focus on reconciliation; making peace with the past so we can move on to what’s in the future. The future is only bright if you shine the light on it. So today, I want to reiterate the words of Ricky Warren – “We are products of our past, but not prisoners in it”. The past should be like a base:  setting a firm foundation for the future. Whether life has been good or bad to us, our experiences have allowed us to become familiar with what is possible, what we want, what we don’t want, where we have been and no longer shall abide.

I want to help you to begin to move forward in your life so that you can start enjoying life again. Don’t be fooled, the process is not easy and may take several attempts. But I am sure you can do it. Allow me to leave with you the following:

  • Accept the past for what it is, so you can really move forward;
  • Don’t dwell in the past. Keep old doors shut because there’s no other way to allow new doors from opening;
  • Tell yourself whatever it was that happened in the past, it is already done. Unless you have a time-clock, which is yet to be invented, you cannot undo it.  So move on!

Today, I declare that my past is not my prison and I shall live in the truth of the present. I am Julaire F. Hall and welcome to my blog – 20/40 Exchange – a platform where we will honour and share the growth and success of women. I will share my experiences and knowledge in hopes of guiding and inspiring others on their journey. Periodically, I will share the journey and story of fellow millennials and females who I’d like to call veterans in their own right.

You are very much welcome … only if you decide to live in the future and let go of the past!

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