Creating a Boss Lady Vision Board

Have you ever created a vision board for yourself?

I started vision boarding last year after reading Nicole McLaren Campbell’s “Make it Count: Tips on Unlocking Your Vision”. For those who don’t know, a vision board is a visual representation of the goals that you’d like to achieve within a specific period.

It’s not uncommon to see a lot of woman empowerment forums and brunches promoting the creation of vision boards, as it is intended to help you clarify and increase focus on specific goals with specific targets and timelines.

What are your 2019 goals? Join me in creating a boss lady vision board to achieve them.

Let’s recap my 2018 vision board for a quick minute. It was nicely done with a Pisces frame representing my zodiac sign. I was on a quest to attain emotional intelligence, professional and personal development so my vision board included images of certification, networking, birthday celebration, motherhood, books, blogging, house, and vacation in the Dominican Republic. Note some of these images represented goals of previous years or things I started but somehow got shelved along the way.

Like any journey, it was a rough one! With limited time and so much to do, I did not achieve all that I set out to conquer in 2018. I am happy however with the outcome as though I was unable to put a check on all the photos; I have at least started the process to achieve them.

What have I learned from this whole vision boarding exercise and what will I do differently in 2019?

Vision boarding is a very critical exercise; but it can be just that…an exercise. A three hour exercise of exploring one’s artistic skills over mimosas to create a collage that eventually gets lost on the bookshelf or simply discarded overtime as trash.

For 2019, I chose to make my vision board my screen saver so it would be a constant reminder of what I’d like to achieve by the end of the year. I need the constant reminder of what I’d like my reality to be and a way to inspire my mind and body to be consistent in chasing my dreams and desires.

So who wants to join this 2019 journey with me? If you have not yet done so, please get some magazines, a scissor, poster board, glue, markers and let’s get to crafting our boss-lady vision board for 2019. Let’s slay these goals one by one.

Happy 2019 Exchangers!

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