Miss Nigeria, a true friend indeed!

Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas did not win the title “Miss World 2019” but her reaction and celebration of the winner when announced have made her name synonymous with the hashtag #bestfriendgoals.


Toni-Ann Singh, Miss Jamaica 2019 (centre) crowned Miss World 2019, during the 69th staging of the competition at the ExCel Convention Center in London. (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)

In a competition where everyone is vying for the top spot, the world was elated to see Nyekachi jumping up in the air and dancing happily as the new Miss World was named. She wasn’t the winner but she couldn’t contain her excitement and adoration in support of Toni-Ann Singh, Miss World 2019.

A true representation of one sister celebrating the winnings of another sister.

As appropriately stated by @MissMSunshine_ on Twitter, “In 2020 when your friend starts a new business, podcast, therapy, anything that enhances their life. Be her Miss Nigeria”.

I’ve grown to realise that one of the most valuable things that one can do is invest in strong, healthy and positive friendships. I read an article on #elitedaily once which stated that the average person will have 396 friendship over the course of their life, but only 33 will last. Over 90% of the friendships we’ve built throughout our lifetime will not last, and one will not be able to identify the root cause for the failure of most of those friendships. But that less than 10% that will withstand the test of times will be worthwhile and rewarding; the true receivers of hashtag #friendswhoarefamily.


To build a strong, undeniable bond amongst friends who whether near or far, present or busy getting their lives together; who will celebrate, support and show up for each other when required, is priceless! 


I have been lucky over the years to have come across a group of ladies that have always had the pleasure of supporting and guiding me throughout my personal and professional life. To them, I say thank you for bringing lots of joy and energy to my life. I appreciate you all!

As a teenager, I have always found friendship amongst mature ladies. As we say in Jamaica, “you love big people company”. Even to this day, some of the persons I consider friends are at least a decade older than I am. The positive vibes, constructive criticisms and insights have been nothing but motivating, uplifting and reassuring. We all need that at times! Through this blog, I hope to be that mature voice of reasoning and aspiration for my peers and the upcoming generation. Who knows, I may just reach one!

Cheers to the truest of friends who are family!

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