About 20/40 Women’s Exchange

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It is certainly wonderful and refreshing to see women celebrating, uplifting and inspiring each other!  Far too long, women have had to deal with sexism. Often times we hear of the injustices against women caused by the opposite sex but not enough about the wrongs originated at the behest of other women. You would be surprised that women make it sooooo much harder for other women to succeed, grow and excel! Whether it be by starting rumours, making snide comments, slut or body-shaming one another; I could go on and on … it doesn’t end well!

We all are wonderfully made. We ought to embrace and celebrate our self AND our fellow females! There is so much value in empowering and building each other up rather than tearing one another down. It’s time for us to come together and support each other so that society doesn’t tear us down one woman at a time.

Welcome to 20/40 Women’s Exchange, a platform where women can connect; exchange their thoughts and experiences in the hope of encouraging and inspiring others to achieve their goals, happiness and fulfil their purpose.

Ms, Julaire F. Hall, Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

I am a humble soul with an interest in becoming a chief empowerment officer. I am all for women exchanges and sisterhood. My goal is to encourage women to live an inspiring and authentic life with the hope of adding value to women everywhere based on the stories and experiences that I will share here.

Most days, I am tasked with managing a nonprofit, advocacy body. Academically, I have attained a master of science degree in governance and public policy and a bachelor of science degree in international relations; minoring in political science and social policy & administration. I also have a graduate certificate in corporate governance and leadership; other certifications in entrepreneurship centre Management, marketing, management, and financial management. I am a mother to a lovely soul – Peyton, who constantly reminds me of how to love.live.laugh.

xoxo… Julaire