#WCW|Neisha Williams, RN – Teshuva Wellness (pt. 1)

Taking Care of Y(Our) Breasts 101

Ladies, we need to have a serious talk about your (our) breasts. They are ours after all.


Our breasts are such a big part of what makes us women, what helps us nurture our little ones. So we want to keep them healthy and know as much as possible about how they work.

2040 Exchange interviewed Mrs Neisha Williams, a registered nurse with qualifications in emergency nursing and occupational health.

In a two-part series, we will discuss matters of the breast, how to maintain a healthy breast, discuss the risks associated with breast cancer and the support services available for women in need at Teshuva Wellness. 

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#MillennialMonday | Alex-Ann Green, CEO -SP!KE

Customer Experience (CX) for Millennials, By Millennials

In the age of startups, there is no doubt that millennials are seeking opportunities to put their own unique stamp on the world of business. 

The advent of technology has created many influential millennial entrepreneurs with internet-based service that have been doing extremely well. These entrepreneurs are rewriting the rules of business and have been able to access a consumer demographic that firms have targeted for years… their peers – “millennials”.  

The Magic of Service” is the theme for Customer Service Week 2019 (October 7-11) and 20/40 Exchange sat down with a millennial boss, Alex-Ann Green, Chief Executive Officer of SP!KE to talk about millennial consumers and to showcase to our millennial #exchangers, a few tips to keep in mind when running their businesses.

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