Sex, Still an Uncomfortable Conversation in 2020.

In 2020, the tumultuous year, sex is still an awkward and sensitive conversational topic. One that leaves people feeling embarrassed, vulnerable, and even inadequate.

As the world celebrates the unofficial National Sex Day, I can’t help but notice that as women practise social distancing to not expose themselves to the novel Coronavirus Disease [COVID-19]; some continue to distance themselves from the girl gang sexual talks to not expose their desires.


Whilst sex is not something one can ignore, as it’s evidently portrayed in movies, music videos, advertisements, books, games, and the list goes on. Females still get a little tongue-tied when the topic arises. As girlfriends, we sit and talk about all things women – fashion, career, family, lifestyle, but not sex.

Ok, fine!!! I don’t need to have a discussion with my friends about my sex life! However, there are those females who still find it difficult to have an open and honest conversation with their partner and even male counterparts about sex. So then, what’s the real issue here?

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Girl Power Playlist 1

Dear Music, I just want to thank you for being there every step of the way these past few weeks. It was a rough one and you accompanied through it all. Whether it was to lift my spirit, soothe my soul or simply build a vibe; you had me covered entirely!

It’s always a joy to have my headphones on, to lose myself in music and tune out the world. This week my #schmood was all over the place but these songs gave me courage, inspiration, and comfort. Here are my top five songs of the week:

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